Promote the community you will be joining.

When you buy a luxury property, you are not just buying your own property but also entry into a particular neighborhood and even a way of life.  As a result, you want to know who else lives in the neighborhood and more about the community you will be joining. It may not mean you’ll be best friends or even interact with those others, but just knowing about the community and what you are part of gives you an important story that you can share with others and help you to feel a sense of belonging in the community which could be a powerful motivator to purchase.

Today’s affluent home buyers have tremendous global flexibility.  A listing agent or seller needs to not just sell a potential buyer on why to buy that home but why to choose that particular community.  From neighborhood video tours to detailed community snapshots, there’s much real estate agents and sellers can do to showcase the beauty and character of the Harbour Point area.

Market a lifestyle, not just the home’s bells and whistles.  Much as people say buying a home is a financial decision, at it’s heart it’s much more of an emotional decision for many home buyers.  That’s why selling high-end homes requires more than just marketing the opulent details within the home.  You need to truly capture the imagination–selling a buyer on an irresistible lifestyle.