Did you know that homeowner’s dues vary with different properties in Harbour Point?

Clubhouse Grand Room

Properties in Harbour Point have different dues schedules depending on the location within the neighborhood and whether or not there is a boat slip with the property.  There is a base HOA annual fee that all homeowners must pay.  This base fee covers things like general maintenance and operation of the pool, clubhouse, tennis courts and private roads within the gated community.

Owners who have a boat slip pay an additional annual fee to maintain and operate the docks which have electricity and city water at every slip.  There is also an additional dock option for those with larger cruisers to have a 30 amp electrical service installed at the slip.  Certain Estate homes also are included in a common septic system that requires operation of a pump system and regular maintenance.  All Villa owners are on a common septic system.   Landscaping for all Villa owners is included as well.  Each of these extras is calculated into the HOA dues paid by each owner.  For 2023 the breakdown of potential dues is as follows:

Harbour Point HOA Dues Per Quarter (2023)

Estate Owner                                                                          $649.69

Estate Owner with Boat Slip                                           $703.77

Villa Owner                                                                               $1,172.19

Villa Owner with Boat Slip                                                $1,226.27